Canada's Journal on Refugees
Revue canadienne sur les réfugiés

Volume 35, Number 2, 2019 Private Sponsorship in Canada Guest-edited by Johanna REYNOLDS and Christina CLARK-KAZAK

Table of contents (14 articles)


  1. Introduction: Special Issue on Private Sponsorship in Canada


  1. A Reflexive View of Refugee Integration and Inclusion: A Case Study of the Mennonite Central Committee and the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program
  2. (Mis)trusted Contact: Resettlement Knowledge Assets and the Third Space of Refugee Reception
  3. What Role Does Type of Sponsorship Play in Early Integration Outcomes? Syrian Refugees Resettled in Six Canadian Cities
  4. “We Feel Like We’re Home”: The Resettlement and Integration of Syrian Refugees in Smaller and Rural Canadian Communities
  5. How Do Sponsors Think about "Month 13"?
  6. Fostering Better Integration Through Youth-Led Refugee Sponsorship
  7. Resettling Refugees through Community Sponsorship: A Revolutionary Operational Approach Built on Traditional Legal Infrastructure
  8. Australia’s Private Refugee Sponsorship Program: Creating Complementary Pathways Or Privatising Humanitarianism?

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