Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 46, Number 2, Spring 2023

Table of contents (42 articles)


  1. Hungary and Poland: The Two Antemurales in the Late Fifteenth Century
  2. Guillaume Houppelande’s Small Treatise on the Immortality of the Soul
  3. Savonarola’s Middlemen: The Buonomini di San Martino in the Florentine Religious Revival of the 1490s
  4. The Battle of Two Bibles: When and How Did the King James Bible Gain Its Popularity over the Geneva Bible?
  5. From King Lear to King James: The Problem of Ocularcentrism in Early Modern England

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes rendus sur les ressources numériques

  1. Special issue / Numéro special: Podcasts. Introduction
  2. Bragg, Melvyn, host; Simon Tillotson, producer. In Our Time
  3. Historical Association, creator. Early Modern Europe collection
  4. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, creator; Paul Edmondson and Anjna Chouhan, hosts. Shakespeare Alive
  5. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, creator; Michelle Terry, Farah Karim-Cooper, and Imogen Greenberg, hosts. #SuchStuff
  6. Folger Shakespeare Library, creator; Rebeca Sheir, Neva Grant, and Barbara Bogaev, hosts. Shakespeare Unlimited
  7. Dabbs, Thomas, creator and host. Speaking of Shakespeare
  8. CiRCE Podcast Network, creator. The Play’s the Thing
  9. Hamlet, Jess, and Aubrey Whitlock, creators and hosts. The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!
  10. Williams, Nora J., and James Platt, creators and hosts. Not Another Shakespeare Podcast!
  11. Kimbro, Devori, Michael Noschka, and Geoff Way, creators and hosts. Remixing the Humanities
  12. Cash, Cassidy, creator and host. That Shakespeare Life
  13. Goldsmith, Lisa Ann, and Owen Thompson, creators and hosts. Bardcast: “It’s Shakespeare, You Dick!”
  14. Panjwani, Varsha, creator and host. Women and Shakespeare
  15. The Public Theater and WNYC Studios, producers; Saheem, Ali, dir. Romeo y Julieta

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Bauer, Stefan, and Simon Ditchfield, eds. A Renaissance Reclaimed: Jacob Burckhardt’s Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Reconsidered
  2. Blank, Daniel. Shakespeare and University Drama in Early Modern England
  3. Böninger, Lorenz. Niccolò di Lorenzo della Magna and the Social World of Florentine Printing, ca. 1470–1493
  4. Donetti, Dario, and Cara Rachele, eds. Building with Paper: The Materiality of Renaissance Architectural Drawings
  5. Escobar, Jesús. Habsburg Madrid: Architecture and the Spanish Monarchy
  6. Estes, James M. Good Government and Church Order: Essays on the Role of Secular Authority in the German Reformation
  7. Favaro, Maiko, ed. Interpreting and Judging Petrarch’s Canzoniere in Early Modern Italy
  8. Hackett, Helen. The Elizabethan Mind: Searching for the Self in an Age of Uncertainty
  9. Hadfield, Andrew. Thomas Nashe and Late Elizabethan Writing
  10. Halévy, Olivier et Jean Vignes, dir. Paris 1553 : audaces et innovations poétiques
  11. Henry, Chriscinda. Playful Pictures: Art, Leisure, and Entertainment in the Venetian Renaissance Home
  12. Hory, Blaise. Prier et rimer. L’oeuvre singulière d’un pasteur-poète (1554–1595)
  13. MacPhail, Eric, ed. A Companion to Erasmus
  14. Martín Marcos, David. People of the Iberian Borderlands: Community and Conflict between Spain and Portugal, 1640–1715
  15. McCarthy, Harry R. Boy Actors in Early Modern England: Skill and Stagecraft in the Theatre
  16. Migiel, Marilyn. Veronica Franco in Dialogue
  17. Nadler, Steven. The Portraitist: Frans Hals and His World
  18. Peters, Emily J., and Laura Ritter, eds. Tales of the City: Drawing in the Netherlands from Bosch to Bruegel
  19. Rollo-Koster, Joëlle. The Great Western Schism, 1378–1417: Performing Legitimacy, Performing Unity
  20. Viet, Nora, dir. Traduire le mot d’esprit. Pour une géographie du rire dans l’Europe de la Renaissance
  21. Wilson, Jeffrey R. Richard III’s Bodies from Medieval England to Modernity

Books Received / Livres reçus


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