Relations industrielles
Industrial Relations

Volume 29, Number 1, 1974

Table of contents (25 articles)

  1. Information économique, entreprise et relations collectives : un dossier français
  2. White Collar Unions in Denmark
  3. La satisfaction à l’égard de la tâche et la satisfaction à l’égard de la carrière
  4. Employee Pay and Benefit Preferences
  5. Changement technologique et sécurité d’emploi
  6. Estimation of Educational Requirements in Occupations and Occupational Groups
  7. La convention collective : un indicateur de la réalité syndicale québécoise
  8. Organizational Commitment and Identification of Engineers as a Function of Organizational Climate
  9. Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector : Prince Edward Island


Droit du travail

Recensions / Book Reviews

  1. The Institutions of Industrial Relations in Continental Europe, by Paul Malles, Economic Council of Canada. Ottawa Research and Development Program of the Canada Department of Labour, 1973, 214 pp.
  2. L’horaire variable de travail, par Jean-François Baudraz, Montréal, Les Éditions d’Organisation, Bordas-Dunod, 1971, 135 pp.
  3. Workers’s Control, A Reader on Labor and Social Change, Edited by Gerry Hunnius, G. David Gardon and John Case, New York, Random House, 1973, 493 pp.
  4. Manpower Programs in the Policy Mix, by Lloyd Ulman (ed.). Baltimore, The John Hopkins University Press, 1973, 166 pp.
  5. Industry and Humanity, par William Lyon Mackenzie King, Toronto, The University of Toronto Press, 1973, 354 pp.
  6. The Winnipeg General Strike, par D.G. Masters, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1973, 159 pp.
  7. Labour Economics : Wages, Employment and Trade Unionism, by Allan N. Cartter and F. Ray Marshall, Homewood, Illinois, Richard D. Irwin, Inc., (Revised edition), 1972, 594 pp.
  8. Employment, Income and Equality : A Strategy for Increasing Productive Employment in Kenya, (A Report of an Inter-Agency Team Financed by the United Nations Development Programme and Organized by the International Labour Office), Geneva, ILO, 1972, 600 pp.
  9. Piecework Bargaining, by William Brown, London, Heinemann Educational Books, 1973, 176 pp.
  10. Foreign Ownership of Canadian Industry, by A.E. Safarian, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1973, 346 pp.
  11. Labour Relations Institute, Structure and Functions, Geneva, International Labour Office, 1973, 169 pp.
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  2. Livres reçus

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