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Relations industrielles

Volume 46, Number 4, 1991

Table of contents (26 articles)


  1. Contrôle du travail et absences de courte durée: une étude empirique
  2. Collective Bargaining and the Charter: Assessing the Impact of American Judicial Doctrines
  3. Training Factors within the Ontario Manufacturing Sector
  4. Historique des interventions du gouvernement du Québec dans le domaine de la main-d'oeuvre: une politique en panne
  5. The Impact of Canadian Training Programs on Long Term Unemployed
  6. Longitudinal Estimates of the Union Effects on Wages, Wage Dispersion and Pension Fringe Benefits


  1. J.F. Chanlat (dir.), L'individu dans l'organisation: les dimensions oubliées


  1. Décisions rendues par le Conseil canadien des relations du travail
  2. Changements dans les législations du travail au Canada

Recensions / Book Reviews

  1. R. Blanpain (dir.), Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Industrialised Market Economies
  2. Hans Slomp, Labor Relations in Europe: A History of Issues and Developments
  3. Theresa S. Malkiel, The Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker
  4. Bill Ford and David Plowman (Eds), Australian Unions: An Industrial Relations Perspective
  5. André Beaucage, Syndicats, salaires et conjoncture économique
  6. Leo McGrady, A Guide to Organizing Unions
  7. Michael Poole, The Origins of Economic Democracy: Profit Sharing and Employee-Shareholding Schemes and Michael Poole and Glenville Jenkins, The Impact of Economic Democracy: Profit Sharing and Employee Shareholding Schemes
  8. Jairus Banaji and Rahini Hensman, Beyond Multinationalism: Management Policy and Bargaining Relationship in International Companies
  9. Yves Bertrand et Patrick Guillemet, Les organisations: une approche systémique
  10. David Marsden, Marchés du travail: limites sociales des nouvelles théories
  11. D. Ashton and G. Lowe, Making thier Way: Education, Training and the Labour Market in Canada and Britain
  12. National Commitee on Pay Equity, Legislating Pay Equity to Raise Women's Wages. A Progress Report on the Implementation of the Ontario, Canada Pay Equity Act
  13. Stephen Brooks and Andrew Stritch, Business and Government in Canada
  1. Publications récentes
  2. Livres reçus
  3. Liste des appréciateurs 1991
  4. Index — volume 46 — 1991

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