Relations industrielles

Volume 48, Number 1, 1993

Table of contents (21 articles)


  1. Transformation de l'entreprise et représentation syndicale
  2. Are Strong Unions Compatible with the New Model of Human Resource Management ?
  3. Alternative Models of Industrial Relations Graduate Programs in Canadian and U.S. Universities
  4. Centrality in Workers' Belief Systems About Unions
  5. Cyclical Variations in the Duration of Unemployment Spells
  6. Dispute Resolution and Self-Selection : An Empirical Examination of the Federal Public Sector, 1971-1982
  7. Industrial Discipline in the Canadian Federal Jurisdiction


  1. Changements dans les législations du travail au Canada

Recensions  / Book Reviews

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  11. Coplanam Ltée. Index et résumés des sentences arbitrales de griefs, logiciel «Naturel»
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