Scientia Canadensis
Canadian Journal of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Revue canadienne d'histoire des sciences, des techniques et de la médecine

Volume 29, Number 2, 2006

Table of contents (7 articles)


  1. Introduction: Women and Gender in Canadian Science, Engineering and Medicine
  2. A Blackboard in Her Kitchen: Women and Physics at the University of Toronto
  3. “The only girl in such a big class”: Women Students at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering during the 1920s and the 1930s
  4. Engineer and Feminist: Elsie Gregory MacGill and the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, 1967-1970
  5. Women in Botany and the Canadian Federal Department of Agriculture, 1887-1919
  6. Education, Expertise, Experience and the Making of Hospital Workers in Canada, 1920-1960
  7. “Body Work”: Nurses and the Delegation of Medical Technology at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, 1947-1972

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