Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 24, Number 2, 1999

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  1. Destiny into Chance:: The Imperialist and the Périls of Nation Building
  2. I Am Telling This to No One But You:: Private Voice, Passing, and the Private Sphere in Margaret Atwood's Alias Grâce
  3. Authorizing her Text:: Margaret Laurence's Shift to Third-Person Narration
  4. "Hoping to strike some sort of solidity":: The Shifting Fictions of Alistair MacLeod
  5. Myth-manipulation through Dismemberment in Michael Ondaatje's the man with seven toes
  6. Les romans des origines acadiennes de Jacques Gauthier et Claude Le Bouthillier
  7. From Manna to Money:: The Narrative Structure of Yves Thériault's Aaron
  8. The Rôle of Memory in two "fictions de l'identitaire" from Quebec:: Sergio Kokis's Le Pavillon des miroirs and Jean-François Chassay's Les Ponts
  9. Waiting for Jeannot:: The (de) Construction of History in Brian Moore's No Other Life


  1. Border Trickery and Dog Bones:: A Conversation with Thomas King
  2. Poetry, Photography, Painting Stephanie Bolster's World

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