Urban History Review

Volume 9, Number 2, October 1980 Aspects of Urban Heritage Guest-edited by John H. Taylor

Table of contents (16 articles)

  • Aspects of Urban Heritage: An Introduction
  • Building in mid-nineteenth Century Halifax: The Case of George Lang
  • The Search for Heritage in Ottawa's Lower Town
  • Creation of an Early Victorian Suburb in Montreal
  • Retrospective Orientations in Metropolitan Toronto and their Implications for Preservation and Presentation of the Historical Environment
  • Research Notes / Note de recherche

  • Notes and Comments: Contributors; Cover Photographs; Copies of the UHR; Exemplaires de la RHU; Planners in Search of Politics; The Conference on the Dynamics of Modern Industrial Cities: A Report; Recent Publication; Special Issue of UHR; Un numéro spécial de la RHUURBANIZATION IN THE AMERICAS. Table of Contents; TOWN AND CITY, ASPECTS OF WESTERN CANADIAN URBAN DEVELOPMENT; National Architectural Archives; Archives architecturales nationales; BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF CANADIAN ARCHITECTS, 1800-1950; DICTIONNAIRE BIOGRAPHIQUE DES ARCHITECTES DU CANADA, 1800-1950; The Political-Economy of Canadian-American Urban Development: An Urban History Conference
  • Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

    1. Built Forms and Social Realities: A review Essay of Recent Work on Canadian Heritage Structures
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  • Thesis Abstracts / Elizabeth M.W. McGahan, "The Port in the City: Saint John, N.B. (1867-1911) and the Process of Integration." Ph.D. Thesis, University of New Brunswick, 1979 / Sheva Medjuck, "Wooden Ships and Iron People: The Lives of the People of Moncton, New Brunswick, 1851-1871." Ph.D. Thesis, York University, 1979. / John Bottomley, "Ideology, Planning, and Landscape: The Business Community, Urban Reform and the Establishment of Town Planning in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1900-1940." Ph.D. Thesis, University of British Columbia, 1977 / Burant, Jim. "The Development of the Visual Arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 1815 to 1867 as an Expression of Cultural Awakening." M.A. thesis, Institute of Canadian Studies, Carleton University, 1979 / Adam, Robert D. "Myth and Realities of Vancouver's Oriental Trade, 1886-1942." M.A. thesis, University of Victoria, 1980
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