Urban History Review
Revue d'histoire urbaine

Volume 34, Number 1, Fall 2005 Guest-edited by Stephen Bocking

Table of contents (17 articles)


  1. The Nature of Cities: Perspectives in Canadian Urban Environmental History
  2. Reflections on the Nature of an Urban Bog
  3. How Did Calgary Get Its River Parks?
  4. “Said tree is a veritable nuisance”: Ottawa's Street Trees 1869-1939
  5. Urban Waste Sinks as a Natural Resource: The Case of the Fraser River
  6. “A Grey Wee Town”: An Environmental History of Early Silver Mining at Cobalt, Ontario
  7. Lights Out: Conserving Electricity for War in the Canadian City, 1939-1945
  8. A Changing of the Guard: Regional Planning in Ottawa, 1945-1974
  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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