Urban History Review

Volume 35, Number 2, Spring 2007 The Politics and Memory of Deindustrialization in Canada Guest-edited by Steven High

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  1. Introduction
  2. Victoria Debates Its Post-industrial Reality: Tourism, Deindustrialization, and Store-Hour Regulations, 1900-1958
  3. When Ghosts Hovered: Community and Crisis in a Company Town, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, 1957-1965
  4. Industrial Sunrise? The Chrysler Bailout, the State, and the Re-industrialization of the Canadian Automotive Sector, 1975-1986
  5. Interpreting Personalized Industrial Heritage in the Mining Towns of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia: Landscape Examples from Springhill and River Hebert
  6. “A Future in the Past”? Tourism Development, Outport Archaeology, and the Politics of Deindustrialization in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1990s
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  • Public History Essay / Exhibition Review

    1. Deindustrialization as Public History: An Exhibition at the Manitoba Museum

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