Volume 31, numéro 2, autumn 2002

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  1. Scandal and Social Policy: : The Ideal Maternity Home and the Evolution of Social Policy in Nova Scotia, 1940-51
  2. The Riddle of Peggy Mountain: : Regulation of Irish Women’s Sexuality on the Southern Avalon, 1750-1860
  3. Female Criminality in 18th-Century Halifax
  4. De croque-mort à entrepreneur de pompes funèbres : : La Maritime Funeral Directors’ Association et la montée du professionnalisme au début du 20e siècle
  5. Agricultural Resources, Agricultural Production and Settlement at Confederation


  1. Land, Income and Regional Inequality: : New Estimates of Provincial Incomes and Growth in Canada, 1871-1891

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. North American Discovery and Exploration Historiography, 1993-2001: : From Old-Fashioned Anniversaries to the Tall Order of Global History?
  2. The Unrealized Potential of Canada’s Universities
  3. Voices Crying in the Wilderness: : Recent Works in Canadian Environmental History

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  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region

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