Volume 41, numéro 1, winter/spring 2012

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  1. The People’s University of the Air:: St. Francis Xavier University Extension, Social Christianity, and the Creation of CJFX
  2. Development and Degradation:: The Emergence and Collapse of the Lobster Fishery on Newfoundland’s West Coast, 1856-1924
  3. Canada, Newfoundland, and Term 29:: The Failure of Intergovernmentalism
  4. “Not in the Atlantic Provinces”:: “Not in the Atlantic Provinces”: The Abortion Debate in New Brunswick, 1980-1987
  5. Equality Deferred:: The Origins of the Newfoundland Human Rights State

Research Note / Note de recherche


  1. Le patrimoine religieux en Acadie :: Introductions




Present and Past / Présent et passé

  1. A River Runs Through It:: Churchill Falls and the End of Newfoundland History


  1. A Conversation with Ernest R. Forbes

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