Atlantic Geology

Volume 24, numéro 3, december 1988

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  1. 40 Ar/39Ar hornblende ages from southwestern Maine: evidence for Late Paleozoic metamorphism
  2. The timing of peak high-grade metamorphism in central-eastern New England
  3. Low pressure metamorphism in the Orrs Island — Harpswell Neck area, Maine
  4. Contact metamorphism of the Black Hawk Zn-Pb-Cu deposit, Hancock County, Maine
  5. Tectonic significance of black pelites and basalts in the St. Croix Terrane, coastal Maine and New Brunswick
  6. Correlations and fault systematics in the Passamaquoddy Bay area, Southwestern New Brunswick
  7. Early Devonian bimodal volcanic rocks of Southwestern New Brunswick: petrography, stratigraphy, and depositional setting
  8. Bi-Sn-Mo-W greisen mineralization associated with the True Hill granite, southwestern New Brunswick
  9. The western end of the Avalon Zone in southern New Brunswick
  10. Petrochemistry of contrasting late Precambrian volcanic and plutonic associations, Caledonian Highlands, Southern New Brunswick


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