Atlantic Geology

Volume 48, 2012

Sommaire (9 articles)


  1. A model for uranium mobility in groundwater in the Grand Pré region, Nova Scotia, Canada
  2. A eurypterid from the lacustrine facies of the Early Devonian Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Regional hydrothermal alteration and 18O-depletion of the ca. 620 Ma Huntington Mountain pluton and related rocks, Cape Breton Island, Canada
  4. The Cape Porcupine Complex, northern mainland Nova Scotia – no longer a geological orphan
  5. Specimen Collections from Abraham Gesner’s Geological Survey of New Brunswick (1838 to 1842)
  6. Precise age and petrology of Silurian-Devonian plutons in the Benjamin River – Charlo area, northern New Brunswick
  7. Provenance of the Lower Carboniferous Horton Group, Petit-de-Grat Island, Nova Scotia, as revealed by detrital zircon ages


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