Historical Papers

Volume 6, numéro 1, 1971 St. John 1971

Sommaire (20 articles)

  • The Scholar and the State: A Word of Caution
  • Walahfrid Strabo — A Student at Fulda
  • The Indian in Canadian Historical Writing
  • Fish, Forts and Finance: The Politics of French Construction at Placentia, 1699-1710*
  • Apprenticeship Indentures: A Key to Artisan Life in New France
  • Lower-Class Royalism in Toulouse, 1789-1820*
  • The Loyalist Myth in Canada
  • The Family: Some Aspects of a Neglected Approach to Canadian Historical Studies*
  • The Historical Identity of the Denison Family of Toronto 1792-1860
  • John A. Macdonald, the Young Non-Politician
  • Samuel Smiles and the Pursuit of Success in Victorian Britain
  • American Culture and the Concept of Mission in Nineteenth Century English Canada
  • Parties and Constituencies: Federal Elections in Nova Scotia, 1867-1896*
  • Tomorrow’s Metropolis: The Urban Reform Movement in Canada, 1880-1920
  • Nationalisme dans les Balkans: étude comparée des révolutions Turque de 1908 et Grecque de 1909
  • Henri Bourassa, les évêques et la guerre de 1914-1918
  • The Politics of Conscience: Winnipeg After the Strike
  • American Values and Popular Culture in the Twenties: The Little Blue Books
  • Strategy and Logistics: Allied Allocation of Assault Shipping in the Second World War
  • Papers not Printed/Communications non imprimées
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