Historical Papers
Communications historiques

Volume 8, numéro 1, 1973 Kingston 1973

Sommaire (17 articles)

  1. Associations and Communications
  2. The Western Canadian Identity
  3. Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt, the Canadian Government and Alberta’s Coal
  4. Les débuts d’une statistique minière régulière sous le Consulat et l’Empire : l’effort d’Alexandre Miché dans le département de Jemappes
  5. The Rand Capitalists and the Coming of the South African War, 1896‑1899
  6. British Financial Diplomacy in China: The Leith‑Ross Mission, 1935‑1937*
  7. “Traditional” and “Modern” Elements in the Social and Economic History of Bell Island and Conception Bay
  8. Artisans Respond to Industrialism: Shoemakers, Shoe Factories and the Knights of St. Crispin in Toronto*
  9. La “Société politique secrète” de Kharkiv (Ukraine), 1856‑1860
  10. Study of the Urban Past: Approaches by Geographers
  11. Interest Groups and Municipal Management in Calcutta, 1875‑1890*
  12. God’s Chosen People: the Origins of Toronto Society, 1793‑1818 1
  13. The Preservation of Historical Monuments Under the July Monarchy
  14. Hébertville au Lac Saint‑Jean, 1850‑1900 : un exemple québécois de colonisation au XIXe siècle
  15. Démographie, structures foncières et société : évolution d’un village d’Artois du VIe au XIXe siècle
  16. “Resourceful in expedients” — Some Examples of Ambassadorial Policy Making in the Inter‑War Period
  17. Papers not Printed/Communications non imprimées

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