Historical Papers

Volume 12, numéro 1, 1977 Fredericton 1977

Sommaire (15 articles)

  1. National Unity and the Uses of History
  2. Retrospective Thoughts of an Ethnohistorian
  3. “Women in Between”: Indian Women in Fur Trade Society in Western Canada
  4. Court Costs in France and New France in the Eighteenth Century
  5. La Patrie: Quebec’s Repatriation Colony, 1875‑1880
  6. The Oligarchy of the Western District of Upper Canada, 1788-1841
  7. Canadian Doctors and the Cholera
  8. The Impact of Epidemic Influenza: Canada, 1918-1919
  9. Henry George and the Poverty of Canadian Progress
  10. A Backwoodsman and an Engineer in Canadian Business: An Examination of a Divergence of Entrepreneurial Practices in Canada at the Turn of the Century
  11. The Canol Project in Canadian-American Relations
  12. Canada and The Marshall Plan, June — December 1947
  13. The Legendary History of Byzantium
  14. Obituaries
  15. Papers not Printed

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