Historical Papers

Volume 20, numéro 1, 1985 Montréal 1985

Sommaire (15 articles)

  • Gossip in History
  • Factors Affecting Prairie Settlement: A Case Study of Abernethy, Saskatchewan, in the 1880s
  • Immigration et santé publique : Lowell, Massachusetts, 1865‑1890
  • Carl Dawson and the Research Ideal: The Evolution of a Canadian Sociologist
  • The Juvenile Advocate Society, 1821‑1826: Self-Proclaimed Schoolroom for Upper Canada’s Governing Class
  • Chambly Mills, 1784‑1815
  • Women and Drink in Edwardian England
  • Urbanisation et éducation : La centralisation scolaire à Montréal au début du XXe siècle
  • Education, Inspection and State Formation: A Preliminary Statement
  • Students Abroad: Preconfederation Educational Links Between Newfoundland and the Mainland of Canada
  • Keeping Children in School: The Response of the Montreal Catholic School Commission to the Depression of the 1930s
  • Our Contributors/Nos auteurs
  • Obituaries/Nécrologie
  • Unpublished Papers/Communications non imprimées
  • Susan Mann Trofimenkoff
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