Canadian Journal of Music

Volume 26, numéro 1, 2005

Sommaire (11 articles)


  1. "A Confusion of Glory": Orthodox Visitors as Sources for Muscovite Musical Practice (Late 16th-mid 17th century)
  2. Music, Drinking and Dance at Aristocratic Russian Weddings under Peter the First as Witnessed by Friedrich Wilhelm von Bergholz
  3. Great-Rag-Sketches, Source Study for Stravinsky's Piano-Rag-Music
  4. Novák's Lucerna and the Historiographical Problem of "Czech Modernism"
  5. Composer en tant que catholique : une relecture de la musique vocale de Lili Boulanger
  6. Tonal and Rhythmic-Metric Process in Brahms's Early C-Minor Scherzos

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