Canadian Journal of Music
Revue canadienne de musique

Volume 26, numéro 2, 2006 In and Out of the Sound Studio

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  1. In and Out of the Sound Studio: Introduction


  1. Gender, Genre and Electroacoustic Soundmaking Practices
  2. Local Logics and the Gendering of Music Technology: A Newfoundland Case Study
  3. Le son généreux [pour une hyper-écoute]
  4. Un entretien avec Diane Labrosse
  5. In & Out of the Classroom: Reflections on Identity, Technology, and the Radio Project
  6. Musical Washing Machines, Composer-Performers, and Other Blurring Boundaries: How Women Make a Difference in Electroacoustic Music
  7. In and Out of the Sound Studio: a Resource List

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