Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 7, numéro 1, 1996

Sommaire (15 articles)

St.Catharines 1996

  1. Discours de la présidente : Histoire comparée, histoire plus vraie ? Quelques balises et des promesses d’avenir
  2. “Cool courage should always mark me”: John Wilkes and Duelling
  3. Race Relations in Halifax, Nova Scotia, During the Mid-Victorian Quest for Reform
  4. A Unifying Vision: Shingwaukonse’s Plan for the Future of the Great Lakes Ojibwa
  5. The Origins and Nature of the Holiness Movement Church: A Study in Religious Populism
  6. “For Home, Country and Race”: The Gendered Ideals of Citizenship in English Elementary and Evening Continuation Schools, 1885-1914
  7. Constructing the Citizen: The Primrose League and the Definition of Citizenship in the Age of Mass Democracy in Britain, 1918-1928
  8. The Masculine Mountie: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a Male Institution, 1914-1939
  9. Mobilising Canada: The National Resources Mobilization Act, the Department of National Defence, and Compulsory Military Service in Canada, 1940-1945
  10. The Mobilisation of Native Canadians During the Second World War
  11. “Let us heed the voice of youth”: Laundry Detergents, Phosphates and the Emergence of the Environmental Movement in Ontario
  12. “Mrs. Chatelaine” vs. “Mrs. Slob”: Contestants, Correspondents and the Chatelaine Community in Action, 1961-1969
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