Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 9, numéro 1, 1998

Sommaire (16 articles)

Ottawa 1998

  1. Presidential Address: The Personal and the Historical
  2. The Duelling Debate in Latin America, 1870-1920: Repress, Legalise, or Just Look the Other Way?
  3. “En part égale”: Family, Inheritance, and Market Change in a Francophone Community on the Prairies, 1880-1940
  4. Apple of the Empire: Landscape and Imperial Identity in Turn-of-the-Century British Columbia
  5. Organizational Culture and Radical Technological Change: The Railway Locomotive Industry During the Twentieth Century
  6. “Sharing the Halo”: Social and Professional Tensions in the Work of World War I Canadian Volunteer Nurses
  7. The Strange Tale of Tom Cassidy and Catherine Rose, or, Free Love, Heterosexuality, and the One Big Union
  8. Appropriating the Past: Pageants, Politics, and the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation
  9. The Romance of Reunion: Montreal War Veterans Return to Family Life, 1944-1949
  10. Finding a Place for Father: Selling the Barbecue in Postwar Canada
  11. Tempered Sympathy: Canada’s Reaction to the Independence Movement in Algeria, 1954-1962
  12. From Dreams to Reality: The Evolution of Anglo-Canadian Trade During the Diefenbaker Era
  13. Intelligence at the Learneds: The RCMP, the Learneds, and the Canadian Historical Association
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