Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 24, numéro 1, 2013

Sommaire (8 articles)

  • 2013 Canadian Historical Association Presidential Address: On Local History and Local Historical Knowledge / Discours présidentiel 2013 de la Société historique du Canada : de l’histoire locale et de la connaissance locale du passé
  • Story People: Stó:lō-State Relations and Indigenous Literacies in British Columbia, 1864–1874
  • Protestants, the Liberal State, and the Practice of Politics: Revisiting R.J. Fleming and the 1890s Toronto Streetcar Controversy
  • From Integration to Segregation: Government Education Policy and the School at Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, 1906–1951
  • Itinerant Jewish and Arabic Trading in the Dene’s North, 1916-1930
  • On the Edge of War and Society: Canadian Pentecostal Bible School Students in the 1940s
  • Les douaniers de la modernité : l’engagement des intellectuels dominicains dans la crise de confessionnalité, 1940-1946
  • “What We’ve Said Can be Proven in the Ground”: Stó:lō Sovereignty and Historical Narratives at Xá:ytem, 1990–2006
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