McGill Journal of Education

Volume 50, numéro 1, winter 2015

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    1. A Survey of Ethics Curriculum in Canadian Initial Teacher Education
    2. The Complexities of Neutrality in Teaching Religious Education: The Ethics and Religious Culture Program as Case Study
    3. Éléments indicateurs de la laïcité dans le cadre de discussions d’enseignants sur l’éducation à la citoyenneté à l’école secondaire
    4. Evil, Agency, and Citizenship Education
    5. Qallunaaliaqtut: Inuit Students’ Experiences of Postsecondary Education in the South
    6. Neo-colonialism in Our Schools: Representations of Indigenous Perspectives in Ontario Science Curricula
    7. Tensions Between Teaching Sexuality Education and Neoliberal Policy Reform in Quebec’s Professional Competencies for Beginning Teachers
    8. "Working Lives": The use of auto/biography in the development of a sociological imagination
    9. Improving Students’ Understanding and Explanation Skills Through the Use of a Knowledge Building Forum

    Book Reviews / Critiques de livres

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