McGill Law Journal

Volume 60, numéro 1, september 2014

Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Law. Thank you to Isabel Grant, Janine Benedet, Ronalda Murphy, Steve Coughlan, Dianne Pothier, and the anonymous reviewers for the McGill Law Journal for their insightful feedback on earlier drafts of this article. I gratefully acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and Human Research Council through the Insight Grant program.

Citation: (2014) 60:1 McGill LJ 1

Référence : (2014) 60 : 1 RD McGill 1

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  1. Person(s) of Interest and Missing Women: Legal Abandonment in the Downtown Eastside
  2. Contesting Expertise in Prison Law
  3. Les relations fiscales Canada — Nouveau-Brunswick de 1867 à 1917
  4. Constituent Power, the Rights of Nature, and Universal Jurisdiction