Report of the Annual Meeting

Volume 1, numéro 1, 1922

Sommaire (13 articles)

Proceedings and Transactions

  1. The Annual Meeting of May the Eighteenth at the Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa : Presidential Address
  2. Report of the Secretary
  3. Report of the Treasurer
  4. Report of the Delegate to the Annapolis Royal Celebration
  5. Minutes of the Annual Meeting
  1. Constitution

Historical Papers and Addresses on Canadian Landmarks

  1. 1. The Passing of the Second Chamber in Prince Edward Island
  2. 2. Osgoode Hall
  3. 3. Anciens forts dans le Nord-Ouest
  4. 4. The Landing Place of Jacques Cartier at Gaspé, in 1534
  5. 5. A Historic Monument on Hudson Bay
  1. Some Historic and Prehistoric Sites of Canada
  2. List of Members and Affiliated Organizations