Relations industrielles
Industrial Relations

Volume 25, numéro 2, 1970

Sommaire (25 articles)

  1. Développement organisationnel : évaluation d’un programme en cours
  2. Industrial Relations in Scandinavia
  3. Les rapports industriels en Yougoslavie
  4. Rythmes de travail… et cadences infernales
  5. Leadership Styles for Foreign Operations
  6. A Study of Recruitment Methods in Canada’s Largest Industrial Concerns
  7. An Empirical Analysis of Substitution Between Engineers and Technicians in Canada
  8. Le tribunal du travail


Droit du travail

  1. Must an individual union member’s rights be sacrificed to protect the group interest?
  2. Les lendemains de l’arrêt Port Arthur Shipbuilding
  3. Le bilan de l’année 1969 en droit du travail français
  4. Jugements récents

Recensions / Book Reviews

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  2. Cultures in Collision : U.S. Corporate Policy and Canadian Subsidiaries, by Arthur Elliott Carlisle. Ann Arbor : University of Michigan, 1967, 162 pp.
  3. Automation : Threat of Promise? – Impact and Implications in Australia, by G.W. Ford, ed., Law Book Co. Ltd, 1969, 214 pp.
  4. Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Text and Case, by Max G. Wortman Jr. and George C. Witteried, Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 1969, 388 pp.
  5. Coalition Bargaining : A Study of Union Tactics and Public Policy, by William N. Chernish, Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1969. This study is Number 45 in the series published by the Industrial Research Unit, Department of Industry, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, 269 pp.
  6. Personnel Management : Theory and Practice, by Dalton E. McPharland, the Macmillan Co., Don Mills, Ont., 1969, 694 pp.
  7. An Occupation in Conflict : A Study of the Personnel Manager, by George Ritzer et Harrison Trice, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Ithaca, New York, 1969, 127 pp.
  8. Issues in Indian Labour Policy. Papers and Conclusions of the Fourth National Seminar on Industrial Relations in a Developing Economy, by C.K. Johri, Editor 1968. New Delhi : Shri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations, 1969, 344 pp.
  9. Le Mouvement coopératif du Québec et l’éducation des adultes, Les cahiers de l’ICEA, nos 10-11. Montréal Institut Canadien d’éducation des adultes, 1970, 220 pages.
  10. Labor Relations and the Law in Belgium and the United States, by Shaw Fairweather et al, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan 1969, 455 p.
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  2. Livres reçus

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