Relations industrielles

Volume 48, numéro 2, 1993

Sommaire (18 articles)


  1. Strike Activities and Post-Strike Perceptions Among University Faculty
  2. Long-Range Planning in North American Unions : Preliminary Findings
  3. Accidents du travail et assemblage
  4. Sources of Employment Growth by Occupation and Industry in Canada
  5. Negotiation Issues for Part-Time Workers : The Impact of Occupation
  6. Employers Perceptions of the Re-employment Barriers Faced by Older Job Hunters


  1. Changements dans les législations du travail au Canada

Recensions  / Book Reviews

  1. Hébert, Gérard, Traité de négociation collective
  2. Katz, Harry C., ed., The Future of lndustrial Relations : Proceedings of the Second Bargaining Group Conference
  3. Bruce, Christopher J., and Jo Carby-Hall, Rethinking Labour-Management Relations: The Case for Arbitration
  4. Gospel, Howard F., Markets, Firms and the Management of Labour in Modern Britain
  5. Laporte, Pierre, Le traité du recours à l'encontre d'un congédiement sans cause juste et suffisante
  6. Bureau international du travail, Les normes internationales du travail
  7. Berggren, Christian, Alternatives to Lean Production. Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry
  8. Heneman, Robert L., Merit Pay : Linking Pay Increases to Performance Ratings
  9. Wokutch, Richard E., Worker Protection, Japanese Style : Occupational Safety and Health in the Auto Industry
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