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Numéro hors-série, décembre 2019

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  1. Preface


  1. Self-Defense in Climates of Fear
  2. The Rule of Law, The Rule of Conflict? Hong Kong and Democracy—Past and Present Revisited
  3. State-Centric Approach to Human Rights: Exploring Human Obligations
  4. Justice Beyond Legalism: Cultural Appropriation of Totem Poles on the Pacific Northwest Coast
  5. Case Note: The South China Sea Dispute and the Role of UNCLOS in the Settlement of the Dispute
  6. Pilot Fatigue—A Study on the Effectiveness of Flight and Duty Time Regulations for Professional Pilots in Canada
  7. The Paradox of Elite Law Schools in India—A comparison with Canadian Legal Education
  8. A Child’s Right to Education: What Can the International Community Do?

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