Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 31, numéro 2, 2010

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  1. Introduction: Marie Clements
  2. Présentation: Marie Clements
  3. Speaking Up, Speaking Out, Or Speaking Back:: The Signposts Are In The Right Direction
  4. Theatrical Medicine:: Aboriginal Performance, Ritual and Commemoration (for Vanessa Lee Buckner)
  5. Age of Iron:: Adaptation and the Matter of Troy in Clements’s Indigenous Urban Drama
  6. Romance, Recognition and Revenge in Marie Clements’s The Unnatural and Accidental Women
  7. The. Women. The Subject(s) of The Unnatural and Accidental Women and Unnatural and Accidental
  8. "You do not understand ME":: Hybridity and Third Space in Age of Iron
  9. The Murmuring-In-Between:: Eco-centric Politics in The Girl Who Swam Forever

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