Theatre Research in Canada

Volume 40, numéro 1-2, 2019

Sommaire (18 articles)



  1. Transformational Kinstellatory Relations and the Talking Stick Festival
  2. Roots, Routes, RUTAS
  3. Art for Everyone? Mush, Multiculturalism, and the Prismatic Arts Festival
  4. A Small Festival for Small People: The WeeFestival as Advocacy
  5. Making Knowledge/Playing Culture: Theatre Festivals as Sites of Experiential Learning


  1. Majdi Bou-Matar’s Impact: An Examination of the IMPACT Festival and its Survival in the Waterloo Region
  2. Edgy + Hysteria: Not Like Sisters, or How Montreal’s Edgy Women and Toronto’s Hysteria Festivals Got It On Across Space and Time
  3. Ecology and Site-specificity in Festival Production: A Conversation with Laura Nanni
  4. “Festival Sites: The Civic and Collective Life of Curatorial Practice”: An Interview with Deborah Pearson and Joyce Rosario

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