Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches théâtrales au Canada

Volume 36, numéro 2, 2015

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  1. Towards Reconciliation: Immigration in Marty Chan’s The Forbidden Phoenix and David Yee’s lady in the red dress
  2. Carmen Aguirre’s The Refugee Hotel and the Space Between Limited and Unlimited Hospitality
  3. Le temps de l’immigré dans Silences, Addolorata et Déjà l’agonie de Marco Micone
  4. Accented Actors: From Stage to Stages via a Convenience Store
  5. Dis-ing the Main Drag and Walking toward the Public Good in Here Be Dragons: Mapping Queer, Asian-Canadian Identity in Kitchener, Ontario
  6. Between Je and Moi: Staging the Heteroglossia of Immigrant Autobiography


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