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Numéro hors-série, 1980 Urbanization in the Americas : The Background in Comparative Perspective Sous la direction de Woodrow Borah, Jorge Hardoy et Gilbert A. Stelter Sous la direction de Woodrow Borah, Jorge Hardoy et Gilbert A. Stelter

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  2. Preface

General Overview

  1. The Urban Worlds of Latin and Anglo America: PrefatoryThoughts

The Colonial Background

  1. Latin American Cities in the Eighteenth Century: A Sketch
  2. A Malthusian-Frontier Interpretation of United States Demographic History Before c. 1815

Economic Growth and Regional Development

  1. The Role of Commerce in the Growth of Towns In Central Highland Ecuador 1750-1920
  2. Brazilian Modernization and Urban Planning In TheNineteenth Century
  3. Cities and Regional Thought in Argentina and Chile Between 1850 and 1930
  4. Canadian Cities as Social Technologies: An Exploratory Essay

Aspects of Demographic and Social Change

  1. The Cities of Spanish America 1825-1914: Economic and Social Aspects
  2. Urban and Rural Variants of Pre-industrial Demographic Regimes in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
  3. Some Aspects of Canadian Urbanization from 1850 to 1921

The Process of City-Building

  1. Changes in the Socio-Economic Pattern of Spanish-American Cities With Special Reference to Colonial Town Centres
  2. Urban Renewal, Rehabilitation, and Remodelling of Santiago, Chile
  3. City Making And Mending In The United States: On Capitalizing a Social Environment
  4. The Morphology of Nineteenth-Century Cities in the United States
  5. Urban Planning and Development in Upper Canada