Atlantic Geology

Volume 52, 2016

Date received: 14 April 2015 ¶ Date accepted: 11 August 2015

Table of contents (8 articles) 


  1. Redescription of tetrapod trackways from the Mississippian Mabou Group, Lepreau Falls, New Brunswick, Canada
  2. Reassignment of vertebrate ichnotaxa from the Upper Carboniferous ‘Fern Ledges’, Lancaster Formation, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
  3. Field relations, age, and tectonic setting of metamorphic and plutonic rocks in the Creignish Hills – North Mountain area, southwestern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
  4. Megapezia longipes Willard and Cleaves 1930 from the Pennsylvanian Rhode Island Formation of Massachusetts : ichnotaxonomic status
  5. Geochronology and lithogeochemistry of granitoid rocks from the central part of the Central plutonic belt, New Brunswick, Canada : implications for Sn-W-Mo exploration
  6. The Litchfield pluton in south-central Maine : Carboniferous alkalic magmatism in northern New England, USA


  1. Atlantic Geoscience Society ABSTRACTS : 42nd Colloquium & Annual General Meeting 2016
  2. Geological Association of Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Section ABSTRACTS : 2016 Spring Technical Meeting