Volume 6, Number 1, 2015 Shaping Foodways and Food Decisions

Table of contents (9 articles)

  1. Editor's Introduction

Research on Shaping Foodways and Food Decisions

  1. Home Cooking National Cuisine: How Jewish-Israeli Middle-Class Women Savour Home
  2. The Butcher, Vintner, and Cidermaker: Crafting Good Food in Contemporary America
  3. Cheese Stories: Cheesemongers, Vermont Artisan Cheese and the Value of Telling Stories

Cooking the books

  1. Farine Purity Livre de Cuisine/ Le Livre de Recettes Farine Purity, Western Canada Flour Mills Company, Southam Press Limited, Montreal & Toronto, 1925, 161 p. / 350 Recettes de Cuisine, Madamoiselle Jeanne Anctil, Librairie Beauchemin, Limitée, Montreal, 1924, 300 p.
  2. "Tried! Tested! Proven!The Canadian Home Cook Book Compiled by: Ladies of Toronto and Chief Cities and Towns in Canada, 1877, 384 pages


  1. Recipe for a Peckish Palate

Book Reviews

  1. L’univers des champignons, Jean Després (dir.), Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2012, 376 pages
  2. Sacré dépanneur!, Judith Lussier et Dominique Lafond (photos), Héliotrope, 2010, 223 p.