Volume 13, Number 1, 1991 Frontières: interactions canado-américaines Bridges and Boundaries: Canadian/U.S. Interactions

Table of contents (18 articles)

  1. Editor's Note / Note du rédacteur


  1. Introduction
  2. Politics and Pragmatism in Early North American Folklore Scholarship
  3. Smuggling Across the Windsor-Detroit Border: Folk Art, Sexual Difference and Cultural Identity
  4. Tracking the Cheshire Cat: Ethnic Americans and American Ethnicity on Cape Breton Island
  5. The Gerald S. Doyle Songsters and the Politics of Newfoundland Folksong
  6. “Stage Irish” in “Britain’s Oldest Colony”: Introductory Remarks Towards an Analysis of the Influence of the McNulty Family on Newfoundland Music

Essai critique / Review Article

  1. Text and Context: Form and Meaning in Native Narratives

Note de recherche / Research Note

  1. Imaginaire de l’habitation vue à travers les ouvertures

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews

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