Volume 19, Number 1, 1997

Table of contents (22 articles)


  1. Introduction
  2. Masculinity Meets Postmodernism: Theorizing the 'Man-Made’ Man
  3. Paperback “Haohan” and Other ‘Genred Genders’: Negotiated Masculinities among Chinese Popular Fiction Readers
  4. My Brother, My Lover, My Self: Traditional Masculinity in the Hong Kong Action Cinema of John Woo
  5. Artificial Emasculation and the Maintenance of a Masculine Identity in Professional Hockey
  6. Les paradoxes de la masculinité africaine moderne : une histoire de violences, d’immigration et de crises
  7. Making Morris (Fe)Male: Gender and Dancing Bodies

Hors-thème / Special Article

  1. Authenticity and Innovation in Traditional Performances: A Case Study of “Jésus de Montréal”

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews

  1. The Days of Augusta. By Jean E. Speare (ed.). (Vancouver: Douglas and Mclntyre, 1992. 80 p., ISBN 1-55054-003-3.)
  2. Undoing Culture: Globalization, Postmodernism and Identity. By Mike Featherstone. (London: Sage, in association with Theory, Culture and Society, School of Human Studies, University of Teesside, 1995. Pp. x + 178, index, preface, references, ISBN 0-8039-7606-2 pbk.)
  3. Indian Story and Song from North America. By Alice Fletcher. (1900; rpt. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1995. Pp. xxvii + 126, new introduction by Helen Myers, 16 p., bibliography, musical transcriptions with piano arrangements, $6.95 US, ISBN 0-8032-6888-2 pbk.)
  4. Wise Words: Essays on the Proverb. Garland Folklore Casebooks 6. By Wolfgang Mieder (ed.).(New York: Garland, 1994. Pp. xxiii + 582, bibliography, $75 US, ISBN 0-8153-0942-2.)
  5. Saving Graces: Images of Women in European Cemeteries. By David Robinson. Introduction, Joyce Carol Oates. (New York: Norton, 1995. 128 p., bibliography, technical notes, $19.99, ISBN 0-393-03794-0 cloth, 0-393-31333-6 pbk.)
  6. The Shipping News. By E. Annie Proulx. (New York: Scribner’s, 1993. 337 p., $25.50, ISBN 0-684-19337-X.) / The Bird Artist. By Howard Norman. (New York: Fairar, Straus and Giroux, 1994. 289 p.)
  7. The Quest for the Other: Ethnie Tourism in San Cristobal, Mexico. By Pierre Van Den Berghe. (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1994. 169 p., photos, bibliography, $24.95 US, 0-295- 973117-X, pbk.)
  8. Cork Lines and Canning Lines: The Glory Years of Fishing on the West Coast. By Geoff Meggs and Duncan Stacey. (Vancouver: Douglas and Mclntyre, 1992. Pp. vi + 166, ISBN 1-55054-050- 5 cloth.)
  9. The Missions of Northern Sonora: A 1935 Field Documentation. By Buford Pickens (ed.). (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1993. Pp. xxxii + 198, illus., bibliography, index, ISBN 0-8165- 1342-2 cloth, $13.95 US, 0-8165-1356-2 pbk.) / The Colonial Architecture of Mexico. By James Early. (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1994. Pp. xii + 221, illus., colour plates, bibliography, index, $50 US, ISBN 0-8263-1474- 0 cloth.)
  10. Music From the Heart: Compositions of a Folk Fiddler. By Colin Quigley. (Athens: The University of Georgia Press, 1995. Pp. xiii + 273, notes, bibliographie essay, photographs, charts, musical transcriptions, $35 US, ISBN 0-8203-1637-7 cloth.)
  11. Remèdes anciens. Suzanne Benoît (coordonnatrice) (Sudbury : Rockland, Centre d’alphabétisation Moi, j’apprends, Centre franco-ontarien de ressources en alphabétisation (FORA), 1994. 59 p., ISBN : 1-895336-70-8.)
  12. Le maître-gabarit, la tablette et le trébuchet. Essai sur la conception non-graphique des carènes du Moyen Âge au XXe siècle. De Éric Rieth, préface par Michel Mollat du Jourdin (Paris : Éditions du CTHS, 1996. 225 p., 136 illustrations, bibliographie, 250 francs français, ISBN : 2-7355-0337-2.)
  13. Langue, espace, société. Les variétés du français en Amérique du Nord. Sous la direction de Claude Poirier, avec la collaboration de Aurélien Boivin, Cécyle Trépanier et Claude Verreault (Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval, 1994. 489 p., ISBN : 2- 7637-7379-6.)

Compte rendu audio-visuel / Audio-Visual Review

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