Volume 23, Number 1, 2001 Festival

Table of contents (17 articles)


  1. Festival, Anti Festival, Counter Festival, Non-Festival / Festival , anti-festival, contre-festival, non-festival
  2. Stylizing the Mundane: Bernice Morgan’s Random Passage
  3. Sexual Social Scripts and the re-Imaginings of Community Identity
  4. “Like King and Queen, Like Balinese and Sasak”: Musical Narratives at the Lingsar Temple Festival in Lombok, Indonesia
  5. Parade zouloue et carnaval indien, un Mardi gras différent à La Nouvelle-Orléans
  6. Women Playing the Bandura: Challenging Discourses of Nationhood
  7. A Calendar of Days: The Pécs International Folk Days
  8. Coordinates of Power and Performance: Festivals as Sites of (Re)Presentation and Reclamation in Sardinia
  9. Putting a Price on Culture: Ethnic Organisations, Volunteers, and the Marketing of Multicultural Festivals
  10. For Ourselves, Our Neighbours, Our Homelands: Religion in Folklorama’s Israel Pavilion
  11. Repulsion to Ritual: Interpreting Folk Festivals in the Polish Tatras

Articles hors-thème / Open Topic Articles

  1. Mythic Prostitutes, AIDS and Criminal Law
  2. Academic Folklore Research in Canada : trends and Prospects (Part 2)

Comptes rendus / Book Reviews

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