International Journal of Canadian Studies

Number 39-40, 2009 Culture — Natures in Canada Culture — natures au Canada

Table of contents (20 articles)

  1. Introduction
  2. Politics and Popular Culture: How Some Young Anglophone Canadians Perceive thePolitical Content of the Entertainment Media
  3. Le Cirque du Monde et la Nation Atikamekw : une expression du mouvementparadigmatique autour des jeunes qui vivent des difficultés
  4. L’impact de la radiophonie commerciale sur la poésie vocale québécoise
  5. Where is There? The Canadianization of the American Media Landscape
  6. On Being “Anti-Sublimed”: Early Tales of Fear and Glory at Niagara Falls

Special Dossier  / Dossier spécial

  1. Introduction: Uncovering Canada's Environmental Cultural Politics
  2. The High Stakes of Protecting Indigenous Homelands : Coastal First Nations' Turning Point Initiative and Environmental Groups on theB.C. West Coast
  3. The Cultural Politics of Ecological Integrity: nature and Nation in Canada'sNational Parks, 1885-2000
  4. The Government of Canada's Search for Environmental Legitimacy: 1971-2008
  5. The Cultural Politics of Canadian Land Trusts: Exploring the Ethos and Structureof the Social Economy as Articulated Across Protected Private Lands
  6. A Trip to the Co-op: The Production, Consumption and Salvation of CanadianWilderness
  7. Love Thy Neighbour: Repatriating Precarious Blackfoot Sites

Open-topic Articles  / Articles hors-thème

  1. L’eau du Canada : une ressource stratégique dans le cadre du PSP
  2. La gouvernance d’entreprise en dehors des États-Unis : mécanismes obligatoires oulibrement consentis?

Review Essay  / Essai critique

  1. International Successes and Domestic Policy Dilemmas: Re-Evaluating Canadian andQuebec Cinemas / Boulais, Stéphane-Albert, ed. Le cinéma auQuébec : tradition et modernité (Montréal : Collection « Archives deslettres canadiennes », Fides, 2006) / Loiselle, André and Tom McSorley, eds., Self-Portraits: The Cinemas of Canada since Telefilm (Ottawa: TheCanadian Film Institute, 2006) / White, Jerry, ed. The Cinema ofCanada (London: 24 Frames Series, Wallflower Press,2006)

Research Notes  / Notes de recherche

  1. Sir George R. Parkin & Herbert Marshall McLuhan Making Sense of a ShrinkingWorld
  2. “The Ends of Canadian Studies: A Research Note from Taiwan”
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