International Journal of Canadian Studies

Number 39-40, 2009 Culture — Natures in Canada Culture — natures au Canada

Table of contents (20 articles)

  • Introduction
  • Politics and Popular Culture: How Some Young Anglophone Canadians Perceive thePolitical Content of the Entertainment Media
  • Le Cirque du Monde et la Nation Atikamekw : une expression du mouvementparadigmatique autour des jeunes qui vivent des difficultés
  • L’impact de la radiophonie commerciale sur la poésie vocale québécoise
  • Where is There? The Canadianization of the American Media Landscape
  • On Being “Anti-Sublimed”: Early Tales of Fear and Glory at Niagara Falls
  • Special Dossier / Dossier spécial

    1. Introduction: Uncovering Canada's Environmental Cultural Politics
    2. The High Stakes of Protecting Indigenous Homelands: Coastal First Nations' Turning Point Initiative and Environmental Groups on theB.C. West Coast
    3. The Cultural Politics of Ecological Integrity: nature and Nation in Canada'sNational Parks, 1885-2000
    4. The Government of Canada's Search for Environmental Legitimacy: 1971-2008
    5. The Cultural Politics of Canadian Land Trusts: Exploring the Ethos and Structureof the Social Economy as Articulated Across Protected Private Lands
    6. A Trip to the Co-op: The Production, Consumption and Salvation of CanadianWilderness
    7. Love Thy Neighbour: Repatriating Precarious Blackfoot Sites

    Open-topic Articles / Articles hors-thème

    1. L’eau du Canada : une ressource stratégique dans le cadre du PSP
    2. La gouvernance d’entreprise en dehors des États-Unis : mécanismes obligatoires oulibrement consentis?

    Review Essay / Essai critique

    Research Notes / Notes de recherche

    1. Sir George R. Parkin & Herbert Marshall McLuhan Making Sense of a ShrinkingWorld
    2. “The Ends of Canadian Studies: A Research Note from Taiwan”
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