International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 20, Number 2, April 2019

Table of contents (17 articles)


Research Articles

  1. Blending Crowdvoting in Modern e-Learning Environments
  2. Gamifying Online Tests to Promote Retrieval-Based Learning
  3. Diversity in Video Lectures: Aid or Hindrance?
  4. The Offline Nature of Online Community: Exploring Distance Learners’ Extracurricular Interactions
  5. Online Teacher and On-Site Facilitator Perceptions of Parental Engagement at a Supplemental Virtual High School
  6. From Finding a Niche to Circumventing Institutional Constraints: Examining the Links Between Academics’ Online Networking, Institutional Roles, and Identity-Trajectory
  7. Systematic Mapping Study of Academic Engagement in MOOC
  8. Exploring Demographics and Students’ Motivation as Predictors of Completion of a Massive Open Online Course
  9. Master’s Students’ Perceptions and Expectations of Good Tutors and Advisors in Distance Education
  10. Quality Frameworks and Learning Design for Open Education
  11. Effectiveness of OER Use in First-Year Higher Education Students’ Mathematical Course Performance: A Case Study
  12. Distance Learners’ Use of Handheld Technologies: Mobile Learning Activity, Changing Study Habits, and the ‘Place’ of Anywhere Learning
  13. Mobile Technology: A Tool to Increase Global Competency Among Higher Education Students
  14. Exploring High School Students' Educational Use of YouTube

Literature Reviews

  1. Octennial Review (2010-2018) of Literature on M-Learning for Promoting Distributed-Based Medical Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Notes from the Field

  1. Competency Profile of the Digital and Online Teacher in Future Education


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