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Laval théologique et philosophique is published three times per year by the Faculty of philosophy and the Faculty of theology and religious studies at Université Laval, in Quebec City. The journal’s mission is to disseminate the work of researchers, provide a synthesis of major questions in philosophy, religious studies and theology, and to open new lines of investigation and research in these fields.

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Editorial policy and ethics

Manuscript Guidelines

Submission of manuscripts

  1. Manuscripts submitted should advance research in theology or in philosophy.

  2. Articles, critical notices, chronicles, book reviews submitted to the Laval théologique et philosophique must be hitherto unpublished and cannot be later republished in whole or in part without its authorization.
  3. Manuscripts are to be submitted via the digital platform (found at the following address : as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file, to the editor who is responsible for the content section in question (theology or philosophy). Authors are required to register at the time of their first submission to the journal.
  4. With some exceptions, the length of articles and chronicles published by our journal ranges from 8 000 to 10 000 words (around 20 pages with double spacing, in characters Times 12 points) and critical notices must have no more than 4 000 words (10 pages). Book reviews may extend somewhere between 200 and 2 000 words (up to 5 pages), depending on the importance of the work reviewed.
  5. Texts should be submitted in French and exceptionally in English.
  6. Every article must be signed, in addition with an abstract in French as well as in English, of no more than a hundred words, together with a brief biographical notice on its author.
  7. Authors will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of their manuscript.

Presentation of manuscripts

  1. Manuscripts should have numbered pages. They need to be word-processed with the help of current software, compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows.
  2. Both the main text and the notes must be readable, with double spacing and in characters of standard size (e. g., Times 12 points).
  3. The text must be written in correct language and in good style. Submitted texts will be considered as definitive and cannot be modified by their authors while correcting the proofs.
  4. Notes must be numbered continuously and must exactly correspond to the numbers within the text.
  5. Bibliographical references must be complete (author, title, city, publisher, collection, year, pages) and uniform (only current abbreviations will be admitted)
  6. Foreign language words and titles of books included within the text must be italicized.
  7. Any character foreign to the Roman or Greek alphabet must be written correctly. Moreover, the author must submit the font file(s) (format Type 1, TrueType or Unicode) by clicking on the "Font" tab on the digital platform; otherwise, the author must provide information concerning the font used in the text (type, name, founder, version, etc.).
  8. Every image, drawing, graph, or chart that appears in the text could be submitted as a separate electronic document by clicking on the "Image" tab on the digital platform. Please be sure that the submission is compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows, and that it is properly identified (software, platform, version, etc.).

Evaluation of manuscripts

  1. The editor for the discipline concerned, theology or philosophy, submits each projected article to at least two competent and independent readers, who are called upon to recommend publication or not. These may suggest corrections.
  2. The choice of readers is known by the direction of the journal alone.
  3. The name of the authors does not appear on the copy of the text submitted to the readers.

Selection of manuscripts and publication

  1. The editor decides on the opportunity of publishing or of not publishing the articles, in the light of the advice of the readers and after consulting, if need be, the ad hoc committee. The author is then informed of the decision.
  2. Once the article is published, the author will receive one free digital offprint.

Reference style

We ask that texts sent to the LTP for publication use this style for its references. Complete information should be placed in footnotes. It is therefore not possible to use an (author date) system or to include a bibliography. Each reference ends with a period. We use English quotation marks for texts written in English.

Please note that the author's names must always be in small capitals. This web page does not allow us to do this.

Monograph: First name, Last name, Title, Place, Publisher (coll. "Title", no), Year, p. x-y.

There is no inversion between first name and last name. The last name is in small caps, the title in italics.

Denise COUTURE, Spiritualités féministes : pour un temps de transformation des relations, Montréal, PUM (coll. "Matière à pensée"), 2021, p. 65-66.

If there are several publishers, we indicate a first place and publishing house separated by a comma; then a semicolon separates the second place and publishing house.

Simon-Pierre ARNOLD, Dieu est nu. Hymne à la divine fragilité, Montréal, Novalis ; Namur, Lessius, 2019, p. 20-23.

Edited book: All authors or editors of a book or article, up to a maximum of three, must be provided. If there are more than three authors or editors for the same book or article, only the first of these is given, followed by "et al.”

It may be useful to indicate the year of initial publication of a work or the fact of successive editions. This is indicated in square brackets, before the name of the work actually used. Michel BASTIEN, La femme selon Aristote, Paris, Cerf, [1940] 2001.

Chapter in a book, dictionary or encyclopedia article:

Firstname NAME, "Title of article", in Firstname NAME, ed. book title, place, publishing house (coll. "Title", no.), year, p. x-y.

Johannes W. MZUREL, "Citations From the Book of Jeremiah in the New Testament", in Martin KESLER, ed, Reading the Book of Jeremiah. A Search for Coherence, Winona Lake, Eisenbrauns, 2004, p. 181-189.

If there are several directors of the collective, name them. If there are more than three authors or directors for the same book or article, only the first of these is indicated; the whole is followed by the mention "et al."

Vincent JOUVE, "Le lecteur et ses doubles", in Régis BURNET, Didier LUCIANI, Geert van OYEN, dir., Le lecteur. Sixième colloque international du RRENAB, Université Catholique de Louvain, May 24-26, 2012, Paris, Peeters, 2015, pp. 3-18.


First name, NAME, "Title", Name of journal in italics, Volume, Number (year), p. x-y.

Sébastien DOANE, "Masculinities of the Husbands in the Genealogy of Jesus (Matt. 1:2-16)", Biblical Interpretation, 27, 1 (2019), pp. 91-106.

Electronic document:

Place the active hyperlink on the text. Indicate the date of consultation.

Céline ROHMER, " L'écriture généalogique au service d'un discours théologique : une lecture de la généalogie de Jésus dans l'évangile selon Matthieu ", Cahiers d'études du religieux. Recherches interdisciplinaires [online], 17 (2017), § 33-36,, accessed March 8, 2019.

Biblical reference: use the usual abbreviations of biblical book titles. Note that there are no spaces between chapter and verse.

Mt 1:11-12

Abbreviated reference: The first occurrence must be a complete reference. Subsequent references should be abbreviated as follows.

First name initial. NAME, "Abbreviated title", p. x-y.

M. DIETRICH, "L'ordre des mots dans le récit médical grec", p. 8-9.

Immediate repetition of a reference: To refer to the previous reference: Ibid, p. x.

Editorial board

Editorial Board


Bernard Collette
Faculty of Philosophy
Université Laval
418 656-2131 # 406510

Editor (Philosophy)

Bernard Collette
Faculty of Philosophy
Université Laval
418 656-2131 # 406510

Editor (Theology and Religious Studies)

François Nault
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Université Laval
418 656-2131 # 403883


Laval théologique et philosophique
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6 Canada
(418) 656-2131 # 404775



Editorial Advisory Board

Marie-Pierre Bussières, University of Ottawa

Rodrigo C. Caldeira, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte

Monique Cardinal, Université Laval, Quebec

Gabor Csepregi, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Louis-André Dorion, Université de Montréal

Gaëlle Fiasse, McGill University, Montreal

Pierre Gisel, Université de Lausanne

Jean Grondin, Université de Montréal

Yves Laberge, University of Ottawa

Gilbert Larochelle, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Georges Leroux, Université du Québec à Montréal

Anne Létourneau, Université de Montréal

Jean-Luc Marion, Institut Catholique de Paris

Thérèse Nadeau-Lacour, Université Laval, Québec

Anne Pasquier, Université Laval, Québec

Jean-François Racine, Santa Clara University

Yann Raison de Cleuziou, Université de Bordeaux

Jean-François de Raymond, Université de Paris X Nanterre

Marie-Andrée Ricard, Université Laval, Québec

Jean-Michel Roessli, Concordia University, Montreal

Nadia-Elena Vacaru, Université Laval, Québec