RACAR : Revue d'art canadienne
Canadian Art Review

Volume 23, Number 1-2, 1996

Table of contents (15 articles)

  1. The San Venanzio Chapel in Rome and the Martyr Shrine Sequence
  2. Du « gothique picard » au « picard renaissant » : les voûtes de la chapelle du Saint-Esprit de Rue (1500-1525)
  3. Albrecht Altdorfer's Susanna and the Elders: Female Virtues, Male Politics
  4. Reproducing Poussin
  5. Flower-Girls and Fictions: Selling on the Streets
  6. An Analysis and Documentation of the 1989 Exhibition Black Wimmin: When and Where We Enter

Note / Note

  1. Rethinking Bernini’s David: Attitude, Moment and the Location of Goliath

Livres / Books

  1. Cathleen Hoeniger, The Renovation of Paintings in Tuscany. Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press, 1995, 186 pp., 100 black-and-white illus., 8 colour plates
  2. Laurie Schneider Adams, The Methodologies of Art: An Introduction. New York, Icon Editions, Harper Collins, 1996, 236 pp., 4 colour plates, 73 black-and-white ilIus., $20.00 (U.S.), $28.50 (Cdn) paper
  3. Dolores Hayden, The Power of Place: Urban Landscapes as Public History. Cambridge, Mass., and London, MIT Press, 1996, 296 pp., 109 black-and-white illus., endnotes, index
  4. Bruce Barber, Serge Guilbaut and John O'Brian, eds, Voices of Fire: Art, Rage, Power, and the State. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1996, 210 pp., 2 colour illus., 54 black & white illus., paper
  5. Charles Hill, The Group of Seven: Art For A Nation. Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, 1995, 375 pp., 159 black-and-white illus., 101 colour illus.
  6. Anne Derbes, Picturing the Passion in Late Medieval Italy: Narrative Painting, Franciscan Ideologies, and the Levant. Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Cambridge University Press, 1996. 270 pp., 95 black-and-white illus.
  7. Thomas Dale, Relics, Prayer, and Politics in Medieval Venetia: Romanesque Painting in the Crypt of Aquileia Cathedral. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1997, 170 pp., 8 col. and 160 black-and-white illus., $79.50 US.
  8. Dawn Ades, Tim Benton, David Elliott and Iain Boyd Whyte, eds, Art and Power: Europe Under the Dictators, 1930-45. London, Thames and Hudson in association with the Hayward Gallery, 1995, 360 pp., 200 colour and 50 black-and-white illus., "Foreword" by Eric Hobsbawm, "Afterword" by Neil Ascherson

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