RACAR : Revue d'art canadienne
Canadian Art Review

Volume 30, Number 1-2, 2005 The Portrait Issue La question du portrait Sous la direction de Lara Perry and Eva Major-Marothy

Table of contents (16 articles)

  1. Editorial Introduction / Mot des rédacteurs
  2. A New Portrait Gallery for Canada: Stacking or Unpacking a National Narrative?
  3. Sur/Rendering Her Image: The Unknowable Harriet Tubman
  4. Portrait of a Globalized Canadian: Ken Lum’s There Is No Place Like Home
  5. Catherine de Médicis (1519–1589) et le portrait : esquisse d’une collection royale au féminin
  6. L’Intérêt et les limites de la recherche sur l’art de la miniature au Canada. La collection de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
  7. (Re)Viewing Whistler and Sargent: Portraiture at the fin-de-siècle
  8. Miniature Objects of Cultural Covenant: Portraits and First Nations Sitters in British North America
  9. Leaders, Legends and Felons: Negotiating portraiture, from veneration to vandalism

Collaboration spéciale / Keynote Paper

  1. What Lies Beyond the Slide Library?: Facing the Digital Future of Art History

Livres / Books

  1. Lori Pauli, Manufactured Landscapes: The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky, with essays by Mark Haworth-Booth and Kenneth Baker and an interview by Michael Torosian. Ottawa and New Haven, National Gallery of Canada in association with Yale University Press, 2003, 160 pp., cloth $65.50 Cdn, ISBN 0300099436
  2. Sylvia Lavin, Form Follows Libido: Architecture and Richard Neutra in a Psychoanalytic Culture. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 2004, 182 pp., 36 black-and-white illus., $37.50 Cdn.
  3. Heather Dawkins, The Nude in French Art and Culture, 1870–1910. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002, 231 pp., 60 black-and-white illus., $107 Cdn.
  4. Steven Harris, Surrealist Art and Thought in the 1930s: Art, Politics, and the Psyche. Cambridge, New York, Port Melbourne, Ruiz de Alarcón, Cape Town, Cambridge University Press, 2004, 340 pp., 35 black-and-white illus., $90.00 Cdn. / Johanna Malt, Obscure Objects of Desire: Surrealism, Fetishism, and Politics. Oxford, New York, Oxford University Press, 2004, 244 pp., 7 black-and-white illus., $141.00 U.S.
  5. Michael W. Cole, Cellini and the Principles of Sculpture. Cambridge, U.K., Cambridge University Press, 2002, 246 pp., 8 colour, 58 black-and-white illus., $121.95 Cdn, ISBN 0-521-81321-2 / Margaret A. Gallucci, Benvenuto Cellini. Sexuality, Masculinity, and Artistic Identity in Renaissance Italy. New York, N.Y., Palgrave Macmillan, 2003, 214 pp., 16 black-and-white illus., $95.95 Cdn, ISBN 1-4039-6107-7, paperback, $30.95 Cdn, ISBN 1-4039-6896-9 / Alessandro Nova and Anna Schreurs, eds, Benvenuto Cellini. Kunst und Kunsttheorie im 16. Jahrhundert. Cologne, Böhlau Verlag, 2003, 413 pp., 228 black-and-white illus., €64, ISBN 3-412-11002-7
  6. Tanya Mars and Johanna Householder, eds, Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women. Toronto, YYZ Books, 2004, 444 pp., 19 colour and 219 black-and-white illus., $39.95 Cdn.

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