Renaissance and Reformation

Volume 42, Number 3, Summer 2019 Situating Conciliarism in Early Modern Spanish Thought Situer conciliarisme dans la pensée espagnole de la première modernité Guest-edited by Xavier Tubau

Table of contents (48 articles)


  1. Introduction
  2. Beyond Borders: Jean Gerson’s Conciliarism in Late Medieval Spain
  3. Alfonso de Madrigal and Juan de Segovia: Some Conciliar Common (and Contested) Places
  4. Letters of Alliance and an Alliance of Letters: Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, Juan de Carvajal, and the Conciliar Crisis
  5. Between Ecclesiology and Diplomacy: Francisco de Vargas and the Council of Trent
  6. The Fifteenth-Century Councils: Francisco de Vitoria, Melchor Cano, and Bartolomé Carranza

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Following Zwingli: Applying the Past in Reformation Zurich
  2. A Poisoned Past: The Life and Times of Margarida de Portu, a Fourteenth-Century Accused Poisoner
  3. Creating the Premodern in the Postmodern Classroom: Creativity in Early English Literature and History Courses
  4. L’umilità e le rose. Storia di una compagnia femminile a Torino tra età moderna e contemporanea
  5. Miroirs de Charles IX
  6. L’aurora del Giappone tra mito e storiografia. Nascita ed evoluzione dell’alterità nipponica nella cultura italiana, 1300–1600
  7. Social Mobility in Medieval Italy (1100–1500)
  8. God and Government: Martin Luther’s Political Thought
  9. Conseil à la France désolée
  10. Les recueils de Plaidoyez à la Renaissance entre droit et littérature
  11. Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy
  12. Shakespeare / Not Shakespeare
  13. The Reform of Zeal: François de Sales and Militant French Catholicism
  14. Witness, Warning, and Prophecy: Quaker Women’s Writing, 1655–1700
  15. Dancing Queen: Marie de Médicis’ Ballets at the Court of Henri IV
  16. Shakespeare and Asia
  17. A Companion to Early Modern Catholic Global Missions
  18. Leonardo’s Paradox: Work and Image in the Making of Renaissance Culture
  19. Petrarchism at Work: Contextual Economies in the Age of Shakespeare
  20. Recipes and Everyday Knowledge: Medicine, Science, and the Household in Early Modern England
  21. Théories poétiques néo-latines
  22. De Marguerite de Valois à la reine Margot. Autrice, mécène, inspiratrice
  23. Burned Alive: Giordano Bruno, Galileo and the Inquisition
  24. In Praise of Ambiguity: Erasmus, Huizinga and the Seriousness of Play
  25. The Golden Age of Spanish Drama
  26. Trust and Proof: Translators in Renaissance Print Culture
  27. The Birth of Modern Belief: Faith and Judgment from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment
  28. Women, Beauty and Power in Early Modern England: A Feminist Literary History
  29. Lives Uncovered: A Sourcebook of Early Modern Europe
  30. Selected Philosophical, Scientific, and Autobiographical Writings
  31. La Réforme et la fable
  32. Weeping for Dido: The Classics in the Medieval Classroom
  33. Pamphilia to Amphilanthus in Manuscript and Print
  34. Women’s Household Drama: Love’s Victorie, A Pastorall, and The concealed Fansyes


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