Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 43, Number 2, Spring 2020 Transformative Translations in Early Modern Britain and France Traductions transformatives dans la première modernité française et britannique Guest-edited by Marie-Alice Belle and Brenda M. Hosington

Table of contents (50 articles)


  1. Transformative Translations: Linguistic, Cultural, and Material Transfers in Early Modern England and France
  2. Katherine Parr, Translation, and the Dissemination of Erasmus’s Views on War and Peace
  3. Cicero among the Martyrs: A Reassessment of the First Edition of Nicholas Grimald’s Thre bokes of duties (1556)
  4. Clément Marot, traducteur évangélique des Rerum vulgarium fragmenta de Pétrarque
  5. Serious Play: Sir John Harington’s Material-Textual Errancy in Orlando Furioso in English Heroical Verse (1591)
  6. Translating Tempests and Tremblements: Natural Disasters, News, and the Nation in Early Modern England and France
  7. Tails of Cross-Channel Comets: From Acclaim to Obscurity
  8. Translation and Genettean Hypertextuality: Catherine Magdalen Evelyn, Catherine of Bologna, and English Franciscan Textual Production, 1618–40
  9. L’Antiquité « à la mode » : traduction et travestissement littéraires, de la France à l’Angleterre (1650–1700)

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

  1. Introduction: Special Issue, Digital Paleography
  2. Stewart, Columba, project dir. vHMML School. Other
  3. Zecher, Carla, project dir. French Renaissance Paleography. Other
  4. Thélème: Techniques pour l’Historien en Ligne; Études, Manuels, Exercices, Bibliographies. Other
  5. Hernández, Ramona, project dir. Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool
  6. Penn, Michael, principal investigator. Digital Analysis of Syriac Handwriting. Database
  7. Cramer, Tom, Michael A. Keller, Paola Manoni, Cesare Pasini, and Ambrogio M. Piazzoni, project leads. Thematic Pathways on the Web: IIIF Annotations of Manuscripts from the Vatican Collections. Other
  8. Allen, Laurie, Samantha Blickhan, Laura Newman Eckstein, Emily Esten, Arthur Kiron, and Marina Rustow, principal investigators. Scribes of the Cairo Geniza. Other
  9. Wolfe, Heather, principal investigator, and Paul Dingman, project manager. Early Modern Manuscripts Online. Other
  10. Stokes, Peter A., project dir. DigiPal: Digital Resource and Database of Palaeography, Manuscript Studies and Diplomatic
  11. Leon, Sharon, and Sheila Brennan, principal investigators; Jim Safley, lead developer; Kem Nguyen, web designer. Scripto. Software

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Belfanti, Carlo Marco, and Daniela Sogliani, eds. I Gonzaga e la moda tra Mantova e l’Europa
  2. Bingen, Nicole. « Aux escholles d’outre-monts ». Étudiants de langue française dans les universités italiennes (1480–1599) : Français, Francs-Comtois, Savoyards
  3. Bloch, Amy R., Carolyn James, and Camilla Russell, eds. The Art and Language of Power in Renaissance Florence: Essays for Alison Brown
  4. Bolzoni, Lina et Alina Payne, éds. The Italian Renaissance in the 19th Century. Revision, Revival, and Return
  5. Bowd, Stephen D. Renaissance Mass Murder: Civilians and Soldiers during the Italian Wars
  6. Brundin, Abigail, Deborah Howard, and Mary Laven. The Sacred Home in Renaissance Italy
  7. Budé, Guillaume. De asse et partibus eius. L’as et ses fractions. Livres I–III. Édition critique du texte de 1541 et traduction française par Luigi-Alberto Sanchi
  8. Burnett, Amy Nelson. Debating the Sacraments: Print and Authority in the Early Reformation
  9. Crell, Johann. De Deo et eius attributis. Ed. Roberto Torzini
  10. Dekker, Thomas. Old Fortunatus. Ed. David McInnis
  11. Eisenbichler, Konrad, ed. A Companion to Medieval and Early Modern Confraternities
  12. Fee, Christopher R. Arthur: God and Hero in Avalon
  13. Grieco, Allen J. Food, Social Politics and the Order of Nature in Renaissance Italy
  14. Habinek, Lianne. The Subtle Knot: Early Modern English Literature and the Birth of Neuroscience, and Hogan, Sarah. Other Englands: Utopia, Capital, and Empire in an Age of Transition
  15. Hirstein, James, éd. Beatus Rhenanus (1485–1547) et une réforme de l’Eglise : Engagement et changement. Actes du colloque international tenu à Strasbourg et à Sélestat du 5 au 6 juin 2015
  16. Knell, Matthew. Sin, Grace and Free Will: A Historical Survey of Christian Thought. Vol. 2, From Anselm to the Reformation
  17. Lee, Alexander. Humanism and Empire: The Imperial Ideal of Fourteenth-Century Italy
  18. Lourenço, Miguel Rodrigues. A articulação da periferia: Macau e a Inquisição de Goa (c. 1582–1650)
  19. Murphy, Peter. The Long Public Life of a Short Poem: Reading and Remembering Thomas Wyatt
  20. Nelson, Jennifer. Disharmony of the Spheres: The Europe of Holbein’s Ambassadors
  21. Neville, Kristoffer. The Art and Culture of Scandinavian Central Europe, 1550–1720
  22. Quitslund, Beth, and Nicholas Temperley, eds. The Whole Book of Psalms: Collected into English Metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and Others; A Critical Edition of the Texts and Tunes
  23. Quiviger, François. Leonardo da Vinci: Self, Art and Nature
  24. Renck, Anneliese Pollock. Female Authorship, Patronage, and Translation in Late Medieval France from Christine de Pizan to Louise Labé
  25. Rizzi, Andrea. Vernacular Translators in Quattrocento Italy: Scribal Culture, Authority, and Agency
  26. Romagnino, Roberto. Décrire dans le roman de l’âge baroque (1585–1660). Formes et enjeux de l’ecphrasis
  27. Vives, Juan Luis. De Europae dissidiis et republica. Ed. and trans. with an intro. by Edward V. George and Gilbert Tournoy
  28. Waddington, Raymond. Titian’s Aretino: A Contextual Study of All the Portraits
  29. Wallace, William E. Michelangelo, God’s Architect: The Story of His Final Years and Greatest Masterpiece


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