Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 44, Number 2, Spring 2021 Experiencing the Environment in the Early Modern Period: Seasons, Senses, and Health Saisons, sens et santé : l’expérience de l’environnement au seuil de la modernité Guest-edited by Cecilia Hewlett and Nicholas Terpstra

Table of contents (39 articles)


  1. Experiencing the Environment in the Early Modern Period: Seasons, Senses, and Health
  2. Approaches to Seasonality in Premodern Italy
  3. Air Quality and the Senses in Early Modern Italy
  4. “Saucy Stink”: Smells, Sanitation, and Conflict in Early Modern London
  5. Plague Time: Space, Fear, and Emergency Statecraft in Early Modern Italy
  6. From Carnival to Pious City: Scenes of Urban Life in Leandro Bassano’s The Months
  7. Mayan and Andean Medicine and Urban Space in the Spanish Americas

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

  1. Introduction: Special Issue, Digital Representations of Contemporary Shakespeare Performances
  2. Donaldson, Peter S., dir. and editor-in-chief, and Alexa Alice Joubin, co-dir. MIT Global Shakespeares Video and Performance Archive
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  12. Ridout, Jenny, project dir. Drama Online. Database

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Bohn, Babette. Women Artists, Their Patrons, and Their Publics in Early Modern Bologna
  2. Cifarelli, Paola et Franco Giacone, éds. La langue et les langages dans l’oeuvre de François Rabelais
  3. Ferretti, Emanuela, Cecilia Frosinini, Roberta Barsanti, and Gianluca Belli, eds. La Sala Grande e la Battaglia di Anghiari. Dalla configurazione architettonica all’apparato decorativo
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  8. Graham, Kenneth, and Alysia Kolentsis, eds. Shakespeare On Stage and Off
  9. Lesser, Zachary. Ghosts, Holes, Rips and Scrapes: Shakespeare in 1619; Bibliography in the Longue Durée
  10. McNamara, Celeste. The Bishop’s Burden: Reforming the Catholic Church in Early Modern Italy
  11. Muller, Aislinn. The Excommunication of Elizabeth I: Faith, Politics, and Resistance in Post-Reformation England, 1570–1603
  12. Paolella, Christopher. Human Trafficking in Medieval Europe: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution
  13. Persson, Fabian. Women at the Early Modern Swedish Court: Power, Risk, and Opportunity
  14. Pugh, Tison. On the Queerness of Early English Drama: Sex in the Subjunctive
  15. Schroder, Timothy. “A Marvel to Behold”: Gold and Silver at the Court of Henry VIII
  16. Spaans, Joke, and Jetze Touber, eds. Enlightened Religion: From Confessional Churches to Polite Piety in the Dutch Republic
  17. Steinberg, Leo. Renaissance and Baroque Art: Selected Essays. Ed. Sheila Schwartz
  18. Ventra, Stefania. L’Accademia di San Luca nella Roma del secondo Seicento. Artisti, opere, strategie culturali
  19. Walter, Melissa Emerson. The Italian Novella and Shakespeare’s Comic Heroines


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