Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 45, Number 2, Spring 2022 Special issue: Interpoetics in Renaissance Poetry Numéro special : Interpoétique dans la poésie de la Renaissance Guest-edited by Jonathan Locke Hart

Table of contents (47 articles)


  1. Introduction (English)
  2. Introduction (français)
  3. Du Bartas, l’Écosse et la mer : La Seconde Semaine et l’« Histoire de Jonas »
  4. Du Bellay and the Catchword: From L’Olive (1549) to Les Regrets (1558)
  5. Navigating Sacred Languages: Paraphrasing the Psalms in Renaissance Scotland
  6. The Art of Poetry and the Art of Memory: Philip Sidney’s Mnemonic Poetics
  7. “Yong, and the unworthiest of thousands”: Youth and Subjectivity in Shakespeare and Speght
  8. Milton’s Shakespeare: Imitation and Originality
  9. Prefatory Poems and the Openings of Poetry: The Interpoetics of Epistemic Incorporation in the Atlantic World
  10. Guillaume du Vintrais, un poète huguenot au goulag stalinien

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Accendere, Pier Davide, and Stefano U. Baldassarri, eds. Collectanea manutiana. Studi critici su Aldo Manuzio
  2. Barbour, Richmond. The Loss of the “Trades Increase”: An Early Modern Maritime Catastrophe
  3. Brothers, Cammy. Giuliano da Sangallo and the Ruins of Rome
  4. Capriotti, Giuseppe. The Church of Saint Blaise in Ancona: Artistic Patronage of a Confraternity Founded by Schiavoni
  5. Cecchi, Giovan Maria. Five Plays for the Archangel Raphael. Trans., with an intro. and notes by Konrad Eisenbichler
  6. Colonna, Vittoria. Poems of Widowhood: A Bilingual Edition of the 1538 Rime. Trans. and intro. Ramie Targoff. Ed. Ramie Targoff and Troy Tower
  7. Giacomotto-Charra, Violaine. La philosophie naturelle en langue française. Des premiers textes à l’oeuvre de Scipion Dupleix
  8. Giannotti, Alessandra. Sculture in terracotta. Devozione nella casa fiorentina del Rinascimento
  9. Gualdo Rosa, Lucia. La carriera di Giovanni Aurispa al servizio della curia. Da Eugenio IV a Callisto III, con un ricordo di Germano Gualdo di Concetta Bianca
  10. Harden, Faith S. Arms and Letters: Military Life Writing in Early Modern Spain
  11. Jones, Tanja L., ed. Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe (c. 1450–1700)
  12. Kadue, Katie. Domestic Georgic: Labors of Preservation from Rabelais to Milton
  13. Mercuriale, Girolamo. On Pestilence: A Renaissance Treatise on Plague. Trans. and with an intro. by Craig Martin
  14. Navarre, Marguerite de. Oeuvres complètes. Tome XIII. Les Tombeaux. Ed. Richard Cooper
  15. Nicholls, Sophie. Political Thought in the French Wars of Religion
  16. Orgel, Stephen. Wit’s Treasury: Renaissance England and the Classics
  17. Pizan, Christine de. The God of Love’s Letter and The Tale of the Rose: A Bilingual Edition. Ed. and trans. Thelma S. Fenster and Christine Reno
  18. Pizzigoni, Caterina, and Camilla Townsend. Indigenous Life after the Conquest: The De la Cruz Family Papers of Colonial Mexico
  19. Ruggiero, Guido. Love and Sex in the Time of Plague: A Decameron Renaissance
  20. Shephard, Tim, Sanna Raninen, Serenella Sessini, and Laura Ştefănescu. Music in the Art of Renaissance Italy 1420–1540
  21. Siemens, Raymond G., ed. The Lyrics of the Henry VIII Manuscript
  22. Steimann, Ilona. Jewish Book – Christian Book: Hebrew Manuscripts in Transition between Jews and Christians in the Context of German Humanism
  23. Stella, Clara. Lodovico Domenichi e le Rime diverse d’alcune nobilissime et virtuosissime donne (1559)
  24. Valente, Michaela. Johann Wier: Debating the Devil and Witches in Early Modern Europe
  25. Viaud, Alicia. À hauteur humaine. La fortune dans l’écriture de l’histoire (1560–1600)
  26. Vico, Giambattista. The New Science. Trans. and ed. Jason Taylor and Robert C. Miner. With an intro. by Giuseppe Mazzotta
  27. Wilde, Cornelia, and Wolfram R. Keller, eds. Perfect Harmony and Melting Strains: Transformations of Music in Early Modern Culture between Sensibility and Abstraction



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