Relations industrielles
Industrial Relations

Volume 47, Number 2, 1992

Table of contents (25 articles)


  1. Incidence and Patterns of Representation Campaign Tactics: A Comparison of Manufacturing and Service Unions
  2. The Status of Industrial Relations as an Academic Discipline Within Canadian Universities
  3. Contemporary Industrial Relations Ideologies: A Study of Canadian Academics
  4. An Ex Post Evaluation of Canadian Occupational Projections, 1961-1981
  5. Arbitrability Restrictions in Action
  6. La gestion socialiste des entreprises en Algérie: participation et conflit

Notes de recherche/Research Notes

  1. Factors Determining the Successful Implementation of New Information Technology in a Professional Union
  2. A Meta-Analysis of Some Determinants of Union Voting Intent


  1. Future Directions in Canadian Industrial Relations
  2. Les défis de la recherche en relations industrielles
  3. Research Priorities for the 1990's
  4. Research Needs in Canadian Industrial Relations: Emerging from the Solitudes


  1. Changements dans les législations du travail au Canada

Recensions / Book Reviews

  1. Publications récentes
  2. Livres reçus

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