Revue de l'Université de Moncton

Special Issue, 2005 Des actes sélectionnés du 30e Congrès international sur Byron « Byron and The Romantic Sublime » Guest-edited by Paul M. Curtis

Table of contents (21 articles)

  1. Preface

Keynote Address

  1. Genres of the Sublime: Byronic Tragedy, Manfred, and “The Alpine Journal” in the Light of some European Contemporaries

Byronic Transformations of the Sublime

  1. The Shakespearean Sublime and the Reception of Byron’s Writing
  2. ‘Congenial with the Night’: The Sublime and Byron’s Tragedies
  3. How Sublime (and Prolific) was Byron? What the Reviewers Said

The Sublime of Byronic Tragedy

  1. Manfred and the Sublime

The Sculptural, Pictorial and Sartorial Sublime

  1. Bend it Like Byron: The Sartorial Sublime in Byron, Bonaparte, and Brummell, with Glances at Their Modern Progeny
  2. Byron, Hobhouse, Thorvaldsen and the Sculptural Sublime
  3. Byron, Delacroix and the Oriental Sublime

The Romantic Sublime on Stage and Film

  1. Performing Byron: Alongside Liszt, Chopin, and Keats
  2. Byron and the Greek Sublime

Byronic Variations on the Sublime

  1. The Prolix Sublime
  2. Byron, The Suffragettes and Romancing the Sublime

Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

  1. Soil and Sublimity in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
  2. The Rise of the Sublime and the Fall of History

Water, Wings and Wrath

  1. Lord Byron : Du Parnasse à l’Océan, errance romantique et geste sublime
  2. Longinus, Sappho’s Ode, and the Question of Sublimity
  3. Byron, Milton, and Psalms: Sublime Wrath, Poetic Justice

Aesthetics and Intertextuality

  1. Byron in 1816 and the Intertextual Sublime
  2. ‘An awful wish to plunge within it’: Byron’s Critique of the Sublime
  1. Biographical Sketches

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