Traduction, terminologie, re?daction

Volume 13, Number 1, 1er semestre 2000 Idéologie et traduction Ideology and Translation Guest-edited by Luise von Flotow

Table of contents (15 articles)

  1. Women, Bibles, Ideologies
  2. Pandora’s Tongues
  3. Violent Distortions: Bearing Witness to the Task of Wartime Translators
  4. Hebrew Translations of Palestinian Literature — from Total Denial to Partial Recognition
  5. Zionist Ideology and the Translation of Hebrew
  6. The Politics of Non-Translation: A Case Study in Anglo-Portuguese Relations
  7. Translation and Historical Stereotypes: The Case of Pedro Cieza de León’s Crónica del Perú
  8. Gay Community, Gay Identity and the Translated Text
  9. Diplomacy Beyond Language: François Guizot and Translation

Comptes rendus de lecture

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